Technical textiles

In a context of higher market demand for contract / hotels and hospitals, as well as in the residential market, Henriques & Rodrigues offers some technical products. Some examples in this field are:

  • Blackouts allowing complete covering of light, with and without flame retardant in different colours and widths
  • Dimouts with or without flame retardant which enable a significant proportion of covering of light in various widths
  • Transparencies and liners with solar reflection
  • Transparencies, networks, taffetas, jacquards and other textures with fire retardant and various widths
  • Synthetic leather fire retardant, antibacterial treated and with other treatments for the hospital market
  • Washing fabrics resistant to high temperatures
  • Collections of sound absorption
  • Fabrics and wallcoverings recycled
  • Eco Label textiles
  • Fabrics for use in boats
  • Outdoor fabric collections
  • Collections of wallpapers fire retardant, in different weights
  • Collections of wallpapers to the hospital market, laboratories, surgery rooms, nursing homes, day care centres and kindergardens